Wednesday Workshop

This Wednesday just gone (28th) we were led in a workshop that was much more structured than the previous ones, and so allowed us to make work even if we didn’t have a clear personal direction yet. This week it focused on drawing, and on getting to know one another, while still tying the work into our project brief “Text & Image/Random Narratives” if we so desired. 

We began by doing two 7 minute drawing exercises where we were asked to draw two other people in the class, so we split into groups and worked on those in whichever materials we chose- most people stuck to pencil or charcoal.

using the side of the charcoal to make an impression of hair was very fun
makes me think of Gwen Stacey…

These are my outcomes, portraits based on my friends that I made the larger collage with two days previously. 

I was pleasantly surprised by how these turned out, seeing as I had little time to plan or correct and haven’t drawn in charcoal since I left college. I enjoyed drawing the hair, and found the challenges of drawing glasses and a hat, which I would usually avoid, quite fun. I like the slight comic book/pop art style that I slipped into too!

After this we were challenged to make a life size representation of one of our classmates – this could be literal or figurative – and feature text in some way so that it fed into our main project. We were given a wall of artists for inspiration and provided any materials we wanted so that it was our choice.

can you tell that I hate drawing hands and feet?

I struggled with this a lot more than the other task, mostly because of the scale which meant I couldn’t use materials like pencil which I would normally choose, but I wanted to try something new and not stick with charcoal in my comfort zone. So I worked in ink and white paint, painting out parts I was dissatisfied with and repainting, and I ended up with this really stylised outcome that I hadn’t expected.

I love the detail of the face… just ignore the rest!!

I love the detail I gained on the face, and the way painting over the ink allowed me to create some tone. If I’d had more time I’d probably have done the same thing in the clothing.

For the text I wrote all the conversations me and Molly have had so far over text in chalk as a background that overlaps the body in some places- I wanted the text to be subtle and not overpowering, and I like the personal nature of the conversation because it feels like it’s a piece about our relationship so far.

Overall a fun workshop, and will be nice in the future to be set tasks/not have to make my own starting place for work, so I can just relax into the making process.


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