…Continuing with portraits

I’ve tried to experiment further with the portrait idea, this time creating one of my sister using brush and ink with white gel pen writing. 

Here’s to show my working out of what to create…
…and the finished product!

I really liked experimenting with how to use the ink, and decided not to keep it too confined but to allow some of the bleeding, particularly in the hair, which I think gives a nice effect and adds to the style of the drawing. I chose to do the writing in white to not draw too much attention to it, and keep it quite subtle, which I think looks quite pretty and does what I desired. 

However, as I finished the work I couldn’t help but feel that it lacks some of the detail and finish that the previous portrait had, and I feel like I wouldn’t be able to gain this with the particular material unless I worked on a larger scale and form much longer. I feel like I need to be working on more long term, detailed, thought-through work; in many ways these feel like little studies compared to the finish of the collages, and perhaps if I combine the two or spend much longer on a single piece of work rather than trying to create a series I would be more satisfied and would have a more mature piece of work?

 I’m unsure, but I think I’ll try something different now- this style of portraits feels stale to me now, and I want to move on! Which is important as this project is only three weeks long…


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