Working on portraits?

I’ve been trying to think how to move on from how I’ve started this project, wanting to try move away from the collage work so that I don’t get stuck in creating that and don’t move on (even though I feel like it’s quite good and I like what I’ve made). 

So I worked off the black and white ink and paint drawing that I did, using the idea of using the writing from text conversations to illustrate my relationship with the person I’m drawing. I wanted to create some smaller drawings, and began with a biro drawing to start me off, working in a different style to what I’m used to.

The writing is made up of some of our texts to eachother and song lyrics from one of our favourite songs…

I quite like how the drawing looks, and I enjoyed working in biro, but because it doesn’t share the likeness of the person I was studying it does bother me a little. However, for other people viewing my work I think it fits quite well into the brief of the project….

….we’ll see how this goes haha


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