First time Lino Printing

As part of our Wednesday morning workshops today we had a go at lino printing and for me it was my first time having never had the chance to do it in secondary school or college. 

I love the markmaking, and I cut the outline rather than working out what to take away

And I LOVED it! I knew I would enjoy lino, because I quite enjoyed etchings in secondary school and I’ve always liked how lino printing looked. I like how the process feels, and it’s not too much hard work but I like how it uses drawing techniques. 


I really like the outcome- even if it’s a little simple and crude, for a first time I really love it. I especially like the quality of line on his ears, because by that point I was feeling more confident and was experimenting with the quality of the lines. Fur was a bit difficult to do, but quite fun and easier to start with than flowing lines. 

I’d love to experiment more with this media- but I probably won’t work into this particular one any more for fear of ruining it!! I know it’s not relevant to my project as it doesn’t include text, but I just wanted to create a fox for my first ever experience of the process, and then if I can find ways to include it in further work I will, but I will definitely use it at points this year.


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