While I was waiting for my boyfriend to finish work, I pulled out my sketchbook and decided to start drawing. What began as a quick attempt at observational drawing of a house, in which I totally messed up the perspective, turned into something completely different.

I was sat in a beautiful park/courtyard surrounded by houses

I incorporated a technique I use in life drawing of layering different drawings, and I drew the buildings around me that interested me- open windows, old chimneys, front doors and metal gates on gardens. 

I then wrote over the top all that I could hear around me, to use the “Text and Image” brief to create an impression of my presence in my environment- what I was experiencing in those moments and how I was interacting and observing the world around me. 

The work I’ve done so far have ended up having a theme of how I have a relationship with the subject, either an environment or a person, and I like revealing parts of that relationship through the writing. I’ll probably continue to explore this in more drawings and will try more environment drawings.


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