Lino portraits with text

I wanted to work on more lino prints but this time making them fit into the project “Text and Image”. We have to finish the project by the end of this week, so I wanted to move towards a more finished piece of work and something to sum up/conclude the project. 

I wanted to mix the ideas I’ve already been working with, so I decided to do a portrait print of someone I know over the top of collaged text, which develops on the portraits and collages I’ve done already.  

I made three prints, one firstly on plain white paper to test the quality of the printing. 

I noticed above the top lip and one of the irises didn’t look quite right, so worked back into the lino before making more prints

I then layered newspaper as a base to print over to incorporate the use of text for a second print: 

I tried to not apply the ink too thoroughly to allow the text to show through in places

And then finally I took the church we used in the first group collage we made, and used the other side of it as a text silhouette over which I made one final print: 

I really like how these three prints turned out, and I may use them as final pieces/conclusions to my project. 


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