Wednesday Workshop Experiments

This Wednesday just gone (12th) we had to experiment with work that changed our environment in some way, and could make it as relevant or irrelevant to our project as we wanted. 

An idea came to mind to do simple drawings that worked with my environment and I thought it would be fun to try using water in the sink, so I thought of drawing and explorer and his environment and attaching them to just above the waterline to look like the drawings were interacting with their environment. 

The sink I had to work with..!
My explorer, wading through a lagoon…
I moved on to make an alligator and his birdy prey
Finally I created a larger collected drawing out of all the smaller drawings
I didn’t really enjoy this exercise and was dissatisfied with the quality of the outcomes- I couldn’t have accounted for the water splashing the drawings, people needing to use the sink and being unable to properly plug the sink and therefore having drawings not line up well. However, I appreciated and tried to seize the opportunity to try something new and different to what I would try otherwise.


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