Etching Workshop

This week one of the workshops I attended was an etching workshop, which is a process I did a lot of in college and really enjoyed. We didn’t have a lot of time, so I didn’t create anything too detailed/that would require sketching, but just improvised some faces based on the kind of work I’ve been making already. 

I’d forgotten what the process was like, and don’t find it as satisfying or enjoyable as lino cutting, but it is nice to get fine detail in a print, and not have to go through the laborious process of traditional etching with acid baths etc. 

This is my second, and best, print- I left far too much ink on the first, so the faces barely show through

I love the messiness of leaving ink on the plate too- I will probably try monoprinting in the future, or mixing all three ways of working perhaps. 

Even if this piece of work isn’t completely relevant to the project title I’m moving onto, it still adds to my body of work in the same way the fox lino prints did. I think if I spent a lot more time on an etching, and maybe worked much bigger, it could be quite successful and useful in the future.


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