Last Week’s Prints

Last week in my time at home I made two further small lino cuts which I designed and cut on Thursday, finishing and printing on the Friday at University. It was quite nice working at home because it was a lot more comfortable, but not as easy to progress with my work as I had to wait to print and test the quality of the image. 

Being able to do lino work anywhere, including my bed, was a lot of fun..!! I worked quite late

The quality of the final prints wasn’t the best, and because I’d chosen to do them so small it was hard to use the tool and not make mistakes (I had to re-start one of them). This meant that I had to concentrate a lot harder on cutting in the right places, particularly for the eyes, to ensure that all the right details showed up. Maybe if I got a finer/sharper tool or softer lino it would work better at this size. 

The benefit of these however is that I now have 4 off cuts off the same size that resemble bookmarks, which I will be using for smaller experimentations, and I am brewing ideas of what to do with them!

The final prints, this time of my two little sisters

The print quality wasn’t the best- it was hard to thoroughly apply ink to the small details, which is why there isn’t any ink on the mouth of the print on the right which is disappointing. I made two other prints before these but the press was too tight and/or I applied too much ink so they came out really dark and a bit messy in places. I also made the mistake of cutting down the paper before I printed them, so the printing doesn’t line up properly, but I can’t decide if I find that messy or charming…

I will perhaps go back to print these again, maybe even using two colours or more? I’m unsure if I’d be able to do this. I’m still glad I did these prints, even if just as an experiment to see what it was like working smaller!


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