Weekend Lino Cuts 

Over the weekend and through the day on monday I worked on producing more lino work in response to/to continue the bookmark faces I made already. I wanted to make another face to work on that idea further, but also wanted to try something new. As the new project title is “Environment/Context:Where art belongs” I wanted to do something more appropriate to my environment. 

My main way of answering this brief is to take a picture of my workspace each time I begin working, thereby showing where my art belongs and the context in which it’s being created. I’m doing this to avoid getting stuck in subject matter- it would be easy for me to get stuck in taking the brief too literally and getting stuck making still life drawings or something- this way, I can use whatever subject matter I want, without it “fitting” with the brief.

Therefore I also decided to make two small lino cuts of some cacti, inspired by my love of cacti and my mini collection at home. 

The style I chose for this face is a lot more androgynous than the previous face- I wanted to try out what I could do with the facial features, and I feel like it’s more of the Michaelangelo-style elegant, angelic yet masculine featured man

I like the simplicity of this tiny cactus- but I would have preferred it if the detail of the spines had shown through- I may cut back into the lino and print again?
I experimented a bit more with these three cacti- it was a bit more of a headache to work out where the to cut and not cut! But I think it’s a rather finished looking little print!

I really love the way all of these prints turned out, especially as parts of the cacti were largely improvised! It’s encouraged me to try out new and unfamiliar subject matter, and see how far I can go with this still relatively new medium. I really want to try lino cuts with two colours if at all possible- but I’m also nervous about destroying the plate for something that might not work!! But I do also need to learn not to be so precious….


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