Screen printing Workshop 

As part of workshop and creative exchange week, which we had instead of a reading week at university, I took part in a screen printing workshop to learn the process and techniques of screen printing. I’ve always wanted to learn, because I love the way outcomes that I’ve seen have looked, and I knew it would be a useful skill to learn for the future. 

We went through the whole process from beginning with an image, making it suitable to print, putting it onto acetate, to printing. Some people drew directly onto the acetate to print their own drawings, but I wanted to experiment with the photoshop techniques of adding halftone to photographs. 

I began with one of my collages from the start of the year, making it black and white and applying the halftone effect (which looked cool in itself).
The design was printing onto acetate to be used to expose the emulsion. I left some halftone in the background too to see what kind of effect I could get/see if any of it would show up
About to start printing! I wish I could have filmed the process but it would have been difficult. SUCH a satisfying process to apply and remove ink!
The final product! I made 6 but this is one of the best. I’m going through a phase of loving pink

I really enjoyed learning how to screen print, and want to use the process in the future. The only downfall is how labour intensive and time consuming it is- but for certain work I think it would really be worth it. I’d also like to try multiple colours but I’m a bit intimidated about making sure that worked well. I’m sure I’ll revisit it in the course of the next year at the least!


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