Pen Prints

I stalled a bit with the current project “Environment and Context/Where art belongs”, and so decided to look to the environment directly around me for inspiration and subject. One of the other women in our studio space was talking about her new pen, which was made by Swarovski, and her reasoning behind buying the pen was “I like to write, not about my work but poems and stories and stuff”. I really loved that I experienced the conversation without being part of it, bexause I could see and hear others reactions and because I found out more about how one of my classmates’ creativity manifests itself. So I spent the day working on (my first) two-colour prints of a pen with the caption “I like to write”. 
For the drawing of the pen, I used one of my own pens because I felt as if that was a way I could insert myself into the situation and add my experiences to it. In our lectures we had been discussing the artist Yinka Shonibare MBE, who inserts himself and his cultur into British Imperialist history through the use of colour and textiles, to comment on the politics and messages behind traditional art. While my inclusion of my own pen is far less impactful/doesn’t make that same kind of political statement, it still plays with the same ideas of inserting yourself into something you were involved in but not directly, and putting your own perspective/impression into the situation.

The first layer of print: colour background. The pen I was studying was blue, but I wanted to experiment with mixing ink colours so I made a few variations
The final outcome with black details. Much messier than I’d expected and hoped, but actually on reflection a really interesting print. I feel like they look quite pop art in style and the “messyness” almost looks like it could have been deliberate- like a photoshop effect or pre-bought ripped jeans


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