I spent the last week and a half working on completing the second project “Environment and Context/Where art belongs”. I had a few talks with Allie and Dale about where I should take the project, and how I was experimenting with the environment, and managed to create a body of work that explored the brief while also working off ideas from the previous project.

When I first started this project, I didn’t feel like I had much idea of what to do so I just kept making prints. But, to tie it in with looking at my environment, I took a picture of the spaces I decided to work in, wherever they were, to show the context in which I am inspired and make work. That way, I was involving my own life in the work. Here are a selection of the many photos I took:

I discussed with Dale how this method of recording where I work was quite an intimate thing, bringing the audience along the journey of when and where the work is made, and involving them in my life. We also talked about how the labour intensive nature of the print I ended up doing, of the flowers and bees, showed the level of care and love that goes into the kind of work I choose to do, and this was captured in the photos through the passage of time. 

I made the pen prints as part of this project inspired by my surrounding and interactions with other people, and it was the same with the larger bees and flowers design- I took inspiration from my step mum’s love of bees and flowers, and used the environment and relationships around me to make the work. 

Both Allie and Dale then suggested I look at putting the finished prints in usual environments, that oppose both the love and care and intimacy of creating the prints and the subject matter of the prints themselves- natural, delicate flowers and bees. So I walked through town and put up prints and recorded them in places that interested me, and tried to use text from my environment to use influences from the first project. Here are a select few:

I really enjoyed this as the conclusion to my project, and it was satisfying to spend so much time on one print and have it as the project focus. I played with the idea of putting a caption with the print, and thought through a number of possibilities, but in the end couldn’t settle on something. Instead, I worked purely with the environment and used pre-existing text to change the connotations of my work/the way my work is read based on the situations I put it in.

This project pushed me to think about ideas I haven’t before, and to think more deeply about my work past just a subject matter, which can often limit how far I can take my work. I want to keep using this way of working into the next project, and see where else I can take printing and other media I have been learning about.


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