Workshop experiments with colour 

We had another workshop this morning, this time focused on observational drawing and the use of colour. To feed into our new project “Identity and Narrative/Altered Images” we did a series of exercises that looked at how we portray ourselves and the identity we have.

Firstly, as a large group we did a series of 2 minute studies- first of our shoes, then hair, then noses, using materials like oil and chalk pastels and acrylic paint. The materials were designed to break us out of our comfort zone by making us lose a bit of control, and the bright colours were to help us try something new and different to see where we could take the work and just to have fun experimenting. 

Even if I was unhappy with some of my drawings, the ones of shoes gradually improved as I went along (right to left) and I enjoyed painting the noses even if the way we were told to do it was unusual and forced me to lose some of the control I would have with a pen

We then moved on my working in pairs to experiment with drawing portraits. We could do anything we wanted with some of the suggested briefs being to exaggerate features, or the masculinity or femininity of the face, or to combine the features with that of an animal to explore our personalities and how we identify ourselves. 

While I was drawn as a cat, I chose to focus on the interesting features of my partner, and rather than creating one big strict portrait I wanted to make lots of little studies that combined together making a kind of impression of the person- inspired by some of the work from the first workshop we did making life-size representations of our classmates. 

The partner I was with had the incredible unique characteristic of having one eye of dark eyelashes and one eye of pale blonde, so I put my focus on this, and used colours I’d enjoyed using from the previous exercise

I enjoyed this workshop, and it was fun to break out of the pace of the projects to mess around and try out new things, just getting back to drawing. I do find the workshops hard because they force me to do something different that isn’t comfortable, and sometimes not relevant to the current project. I feel like I come across as having a bad attitude sometimes, but I do see the value and enjoy these exercises even if I don’t express it well at the time!


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