Collage, Photography and Bookmaking Workshop

In the latest workshop, we were given a range of materials by Katy to experiment with and see what kind of work we could produce- a whole host of avenues we could choose to explore however we liked. She brought an LED light from photography with adjustable settings for brightness and focus, etc, along with around 15 small circular mirrors, and two folders full of thread and needles and a range of leaflets, tissue papers and plastic bags for collage or making found-object books. 

I chose to do something a little more project-relevant than just trying out loads of different things, so I used the collage materials to make backgrounds for printing onto. I decided that this could be fed back into my Environment and Context/Where Art Belongs project because of how it resembled found objects and rubbish being reused, or layered and ripped posters left on a wall, which featured in the areas I chose to photograph my work. 

I had a range of materials to work with and just tried to layer them in interesting ways over brown paper

I made two backgrounds and so could produce two new flowers and bees prints to add to the project. 

These are the two prints that I produced. I love how the different colours show through from the background, and how that obscures the design. I also enjoyed seeing how the quality of the line and print was effected when printing onto different surfaces, especially the plastic bags which I didn’t think would allow for printing ink to dry. 

I really love how these turned out, and wouldn’t have thought to do this, even though it ties in with the project so well. I’d like to try more mixed-media work, seeing where I can push printmaking if that is what I choose to continue to do in future projects, to try to expand my knowledge and experimentation and keep the work fresh and interesting.

I also volunteered to be part of someone else’s experiments with light and photography using the mirrors, which was a lot of fun and interesting to see what can be made using such basic materials in relation to identity. It was nice to be a part of some art that I wouldn’t have chosen to make myself but got to explore and be a part of it.


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