New Term, New Project

To begin our new term we have been given two new projects that run for 5 weeks, and so I am hoping to attempt to keep regular record of my thoughts and development on the kind of thing I’d like to explore.

The brief title, “Crash Sites/ Colliding Information” threw me for a loop at first, as all I could think of was car crashes! I had a few ideas of what materials I wanted to use- lino print, etching, drawing, watercolour & gouache and collage- and ideas for what I could do with the images I made, but not the actual subject matter of the images themselves. 

However, upon speaking with Ally, I found myself finding ideas of the kind of thing I could begin with. She wanted me to push myself to explore influences from other artists, and have a more solid artist research aspect to my work this term. I spoke to her about how the title made me think of Cornelia Parker’s “Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View” the exploded and then partially reconstructed shed, which prompted me to think about “what could be my crash site?”

‘Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View’ by Cornelia Parker

 I meditated on how her work looks at fragmentation, shadows, and in particular deconstruction. Which led me on to think how I could make deconstructed images.

I am wanting to stick with the same ‘style’ I have already been working in, in particular things that I have been exploring in my own time over the Christmas break, and so I just needed to think about what kind of images I should make and how I can fragment them. I managed to come up with a series of ways in which to do this: 

  1. Deconstruction of a scene, or a whole flower arrangement, into several layers or images.
  2. Fragmenting an image through separating into panels/sections to make the image read differently.
  3. The whole image over several pages/prints that are then separated and mixed up or given space.
  4. Isolation of different aspects of something e.g. Features of a face or details of a flower split up in an ‘unnatural way’.
  5. Physically deconstructing an object e.g. something electronic, or components of a flower, arrangement, and then drawing/ painting/ printing to document the arrangement.

Needless to say, that’s a lot of different slight variations that I need to decide upon and fully visualise. However, it is a stepping stone. 

I went on to look at which other artists influenced these ideas in me and could be useful to study, and found on Instagram two artists I have been following, Kathleen Neely and Emilio Villalba for the style of their work and the way some of their artwork depicts separated elements of either a living thing, objects, or the human form. Wider than that, through my original look at Cornelia Parker, I found artists I was already familiar with whose practice of separating, fragmenting, deconstructing, organising and abstracting I find interesting: Antony Gormley, Tony Cragg and Lisa Milroy.

Antony Gormley
Tony Cragg
Lisa Milroy

I’m hoping with this as my starting point, I can give myself lots of directions to move in and begin this third project!


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