Specific Ideas

Based on the discussion I had with myself and Ally last time, I continued to think more specifically how to execute the ideas I had for construction/deconstruction and what the subject of the prints or general images would be. I made a few sketches in my notebook to try to visualise how I would complete them: 

Sometimes drawing diagrams helps me visualise an idea I have in my head better, but I also like to be able to quickly demonstrate to other people what I mean when I explain my ideas. Making these “instructions” for myself ties into the whole idea of the process of “construction”

I also noted some extra ideas that occurred to me when I discussed my project ideas with my step mum. Even though the ideas we came up with together don’t necessarily “fit” with the direction I’m taking this current project, they do work well with the title “Crash sites” and did spark some interesting ideas in me which I could re-visit when struggling with what to explore in the future.


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