Construction & Deconstruction: 6-Print portrait 

My first response to the ideas I was developing was to make prints in a way I knew I could execute before discussing further ideas with my teachers. I wanted to create a portrait over multiple linos that would create a full image when printed together but then be able to be confused, mixed up and deconstructed when pulled apart. I also wanted to push myself to experiment with different ways of printing and presenting individual pieces to show experimentation within my work in ways I haven’t before. The following are some of the many responses I made to these ideas:

A selection of the outcomes I made- I was keen to try swapping and flipping tiles, making long sequential prints of each one, and even pairing only two tiles together to see what kind of flow I could create between them
I photo I took part-way through the process of cutting one of the lino blocks

It was really interesting for me to see how many different things I could do with the 6 relatively simple lino tiles.

 I liked that I decided to keep the skin of the woman’s face black, which I hadn’t intended to do until I started cutting and it was suggested to me. Not only has it meant that I saved time and effort, but it meant I was able to explore representing different races in my work, which until now I haven’t done; I came up with more ideas that I may explore in this project or in the future because of this simple experiment.

I also really liked how I was able to develop the style I had enjoyed developing over Christmas in my spare time into something larger and in more detail to try to find a style of my own that I like working in. 

Overall, I think this has been quite a good start to the project and my exploration of ways to construct and deconstruct images- and I’m excited about other ideas I have too.


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