Drawing Transformations Project

Running alongside the other project, we have been set a drawing project all about “Transformations” led by the workshop sessions with one of our teachers, Katy. We are encouraged with this project to just experiment, not worrying about the outcomes, trying to see how we can re-think drawing and push it into new places in our personal practice.

We looked at several references to start us off with ideas, and one was a collaborative work where local people to the city of Hiroshima were asked to draw a memory of the Second World War and atomic bomb. The subject of this was far more personal and dark than I was considering to go, but the idea of drawing from memories was interesting to me.

I decided to push myself by working in something less controlled than pens and lino, so perhaps brushes which have a different quality of drawing, and wanted to work in bright colours rather than black and white which is very much my comfort zone. I also wanted to have certain motifs throughout the works so that they could be linked even if I moved into very varied ways of working, and so wanted to include a thing I had been doing in other illustrations where I counted components of a drawing with dots and decoration.

I thought isolating which memories I would look at, and wanted to look at something that had happened many times but in different contexts, and I came to: “Every time I cry” As unusual as this sounds, I am known by my friends and family to cry quite easily and frequently for a variety of reasons, and so to have this as a theme running through the works would be fun and interesting to investigate. 

Ideas, and what I’ve looked at so far

I have been working on some responses to the brief I’ve designed, and will upload some in a separate post.


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